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ATV Financing

We can help you get an offer for the money that you need to buy an ATV, even if your credit has seen better days. Take a minute to get your fast and free offer.

First, tell us how much you want to spend on your ATV.

An ATV possibly purchased with no credit check.

Is Their ATV Financing With No Credit Check?

So, can you really get ATV financing with no credit check? No, you really can’t. Every lender will check your credit on some level, so if you are looking for a dealer near you that does not, you fill have a hard time. This is not to say that you can not get a loan with bad credit though.

Many of our lenders use alternative credit checking services and most are used to working with borrowers with no or even bad credit. In any case, it never hurts to get an offer, so here is how it all works.

Get Your ATV Loan Offer

First, you enter in how much money you expect to spend on your ATV. Think about this number carefully, because your lender will be depositing the money for your ATV loan directly in your account. You can then shop any dealer or even the used market as a cash buyer.

Once you have selected your loan amount, enter some information about yourself and your income. Then enter in where you would like the money sent and submit your form.

If approved, one lender from the lending group will make you a cash offer. You will then need to head over to their website to review the terms of this offer. Since we are not lenders, we will not have access to the loan details, so if you have questions, be sure to ask your lender for clarification.

Make sure that you carefully review your ATV loan terms before making a decision. If you like the terms, you can agree to the loan and your lender will put money in your account as soon as the next business day.

Buying Your ATV

If you passed the credit check and got ATV financing, you have no limits. As a cash buyer, you will be free to purchase your ATV wherever you like. This gives you a lot of freedom. Get the exact model that you want and shop for the best deal. With dealer credit such as Honda Financing, you would be stuck buying just what they offer and paying the price they demand.

Another benefit of being a cash buyer is that you can shop the used market. There are a lot of used ATV’s out there with low hours. Just be careful to fully inspect any four wheeler that you intend to buy, as there is some risk in going with a used model. Still, buying a used quad bike or ATV could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, especially if you are interested in higher end models like the Polaris Slingshot.

Improving Your Credit Odds

If you were looking for no credit check ATV financing, it likely means that you have no credit or bad credit. This means that you still might have a difficult time getting credit even with a lender that specializes in bad credit. Lucky for you, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances. Take a look.

Account For All Your Income

Your lender will look at your debt to income ratio as a deciding factor. While there may not be much you can do about your debt quickly, you might be able to increase the income you show. To do this, make sure that you account for all of your income. If you work a part time job, receive child support or get an annual bonus from work, add this to your income. The more you can show the better.

Buy A Cheaper ATV

If you are having a hard time getting approved, switching to a cheaper machine might make it easier. Your lender might find a new Honda risky but might loan you money on a used Kawasaki ATV. With  lower loan value, you are usually more likely to get an approval.

Check Your Credit Report

If you have not checked your credit report in some time, you should. No dealer will approve you for ATV financing without doing a credit check and there could be something on your report holding you back. Pull your credit from all 3 credit bureaus and look for errors. Dispute any false or outdated information.

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