Smoked brisket.

Smoker Financing

If you need money for smoker financing, we may be able to help. Take a minute and get an offer for the money that you need, even if you have bad credit.

First, enter how much you expect to spend on a smoker.

Cooking with a financed meat smoker.

Why Finance A Smoker?

If you are here right now, you probably already know why but let’s take a minute and look at the benefits to buying a smoker. It is one of the best pieces of backyard gear you can buy and learn to use.


With a little practice, you can start making some of the best smoked meat on the planet. Whether your thing is pulled pork, brisket or sausage, having your own smoker will allow you to perfect your own method. Then, you will be able to produce a product that nobody else can.


The guy with the smoker immediately becomes the center of every big gathering. Because you have what people want and it is located at your home, this makes your home a center of your social group. If you like throwing a party, this can up your game.

To Save Money

Buying an expensive smoker to save money, sure why not. If you consider how much smoked meat costs, you can see the huge savings. Take pulled pork for example. It could cost anywhere from 8 to 12 dollars a pound at a restaurant. Compare that to the 1 to 2 dollars a pound that it costs to buy the pork shoulder and cook it yourself.

How To Finance A Smoker With Bad Credit

Now that we know what a smoker brings to the table, we can look at how you go about getting smoker financing. Traditionally, you might consider getting a credit card or store card. If your credit is not good enough to go that option, we have another one for you. You can look to an online lender.

We give you access to a large group of online lenders that may be able to extend you financing, even with less than perfect credit. We ourselves are not lenders, we simply give you access to lenders. We are not a direct lender and do not make credit decisions and do not make loans. This is a good thing for you and your approval odds.

A single direct lender has one set of requirements and if you do not meet them, you simply get turned down. With a lending group, there are more lenders and that means more odds of meeting someones requirements, even with bad credit.

Getting Your Smoker Money

Now that you can see the benefit of working with an online lender, let’s go ahead and get you that offer.

First, scroll back to the top of the page and fill out the quote form. Enter in how much money that you need and some information about yourself and your income. You will also need to fill out bank information because if approved and if you accept an offer, your lender will deposit money directly into your bank account. That will make you a cash buyer with all of the benefits that cash gives you .

After you complete the form, submit it and wait for your answer. Don’t worry, it will come quick. If you are approved, a single lender will make you a loan offer and you will be sent to their website where you can look at all of the details.

Once you have all of the details in front of you, it is time to make a choice. Are the terms good enough that it is worth accepting the loan. Remember, unless you are buying a commercial smoker, this is probably a luxury item. That means that you should not accept a loan with poor terms.

If you accept your smoker loan offer, your lender will get you the money just as soon as possible. That could be as soon as the next business day. Use the money to buy your smoker and then use the excess cash to buy whatever you like. Want a new weight bench, for example, get one with the extra cash.

Buying A New Smoker

If you were approved for and accepted a loan offer, now comes the fun part. It is time to purchase your smoker. You have a big choice on your hands because their are a variety of smokers to go with. Take a look.

Stick Burners

These are the traditional smokers and the most common. They are usually barrel shaped with a smaller smoke box attached to the side.

You might like a stick burner if you are old school or want the ability to use your smoker as a grill as well.

The downside to this type of smoker is that it will require more tending during a smoke and temperature control can be a bit harder. There is more of a learning curve involved.

Propane Smokers

A propane smoker, as the name implies, uses propane as the heat source.

The good part of a propane smoker is that it is easier to maintain temperature and you do not have to buy as much wood, just enough for smoke.

The downside is that you have to keep a full propane tank. It is a good idea to keep a spare one on hand in case you run out during the middle of a smoke. Humidity can also be harder to control on a propane smoker because water vapor is released when propane burns.

Electric Smokers

Although the old fashioned smokers do not usually like the electric smoker, they fill a niche in the market.

The good part about electrics is that they involve little if any tending. You typically just fill the wood box, set the temperature and then just let it smoke until your meat reaches the right temp.

The downside to the electric is that there will be no smoke ring. Electrics are usually tightly sealed and do not let much air in. No incoming air, no smoke ring.

Pellet Smoker

Last but not least is the pellet grill like the Traeger or Pit Boss. They use wood pellets that are slowly released during the smoking process.

The good with the pellet grill is that you get all of the classic wood flavor along with easy temperature control.

The bad is that they are expensive and so are the pellets. You need about 2 pounds of pellets per hour of a slow smoke, so you can imagine that could get expensive.

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