Pontoon boat out on the water.

Pontoon Boat Financing

Need financing for a new pontoon boat? We can help you get an offer, even if you have bad credit. Best of all, if approved, you can be shopping for your new boat as a cash buyer.

First, how much are you planning on spending on your pontoon boat?

A pontoon boat from financing.

Financing Made Easy

If you have no credit or bad credit, you know that financing can be difficult to get. This is especially true with boat financing at local dealers. Dealer financing is some of the hardest to get approved for. Lucky for you, we can help. We do this by getting you in touch with a large group of online lenders. More lenders means more chances of getting an offer from one of them.

To get started, simply fill in the short form above. Enter in how much you expect to make, your income and some basic information about yourself. You will also enter the bank where you want funds sent. If you accept a loan, your lender will send money directly to this account. That will allow you to buy your boat as a cash buyer.

Next, submit your form and get your answer. If approved for pontoon boat financing, one of the lenders in the group will make you an offer and you will be directed to their website. You will then be given the opportunity to review the details of your loan offer. Make sure that you take your time here and understand all of the details.

Finally, it is time to make your decision. You can turn down the loan offer and walk away or you can accept it. If you choose to accept it, your lender will deposit money directly into your bank account. You can then shop for your boat as a cash buyer.

Why Finance Online

There are a number of reasons to obtain your pontoon boat financing online. Just take a look.

Approval May Be Easier

Boat dealers are hard to get approved at because you are typically dealing with a single lender and they have high qualifications. We get you in touch with a much larger group of lenders and more lenders means more chances of getting an approval from one of them.

You Can Buy A Used Pontoon Boat

If you accept a loan, your lender will deposit cash directly into your bank account. That makes you a cash buyer with a lot of options. One of those options is buying a used pontoon boat. Buying a used boat can save you thousands of dollars or can allow you to buy a much bigger boat for the same price.

It Is Far More Convenient

No lengthy paper application to fill out. You fill out one short form and you do it all online. What could be easier.

Buying Your Boat

So you decided to accept a loan. Now it is time to go buy that perfect pontoon boat. Take care to get the right model for you. Just like bass boats, pontoons come in a vast array of sizes with all sorts of options. Here are some tings to think about.

Pontoon Boat Size

How many people do you plan on taking out on the water at one time? Get the right size for your particular needs. Get a smaller boat and you could find that you are crammed together or leaving people behind. Too big of a boat has problems as well. Larger boats are harder to store and may require a larger tow vehicle.

Engine Size

A lot of the base models are simply under powered from the start. If you plan to ski behind your boat or just want to get somewhere in a hurry, you might want a larger engine. Larger engines are one of the best upgrades you can make when you order a boat. They will increase both your enjoyment on the water and your resale value.


Are there any specific features or amenities that you need. Perhaps a live well for fishing, a built in restroom or maybe a high end stereo. Pontoons can be decked out with some fancy and luxurious trim.

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