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Dirt Bike Financing

Looking for financing for a dirt bike? We may be able to help, even if bad credit has been a problem in the past. Take a minute to get a free no obligation offer. If approved, you can shop for your bike as a cash buyer.

First, how much do you want to spend?

A dirt bike from financing out on a trail.


Dirt Bike On A Payment Plan

A good dirt bike can cost thousands of dollar, but financing can make it affordable. If you have bad credit, you already know that getting that financing can be tough. Lucky for you ,we can help by getting you access to a large group of online lenders. Here is how it works.

Getting Your Loan Offer

So, just how does this whole thing work?

It is very simple, just fill in the short form at the top of the page and hit submit. The form is very brief and most people can complete it in about 2 to 3 minutes. You will need to enter in how much you want, information about your income, contact details and your banking info.

Once you have completed your form, submit it to the online lending group for an answer. We ourselves are not lenders and do not make credit decisions. This is good for you because instead, we get you into contact with a larger group of internet lenders. More lenders means more chances of getting a yes from one of them.

If approved, one lender will make you a cash offer. Should you decide that you like that offer, you can accept it and your lender ill deposit cash into your account. You can then shop for your dirt bike as a cash buyer.

Accepting Your Offer

Just because you receive an offer does not mean that it should be accepted. This is particularly true if you have less than perfect or even bad credit. In such cases, your dirt bike financing offer might not be very attractive. Before you decide to accept your offer, think it through.

One thing you should consider is whether the payment will fit into your budget. Make sure that you can comfortably make your installment payments without stressing out your finances. A dirt bike is not worth going broke over.

Also, think about whether the cost of the loan is just too great. The total cost will be the cost of all of your payments and loan fees. Compare this cost to the initial loan amount and see if it makes sense. How much are you willing to pay in finance charges in order to have your bike right now?

If after thoroughly considering the details and implications of your loan, you decided to accept it, you can. Then your lender will deposit money directly into your account, allowing you to shop for your dirt bike with cash.

Purchasing Your Bike

If you accepted your dirt bike financing offer, all that is left is to make your purchase. Your lender will deposit money directly into your bank account, which means that you can shop as a cash buyer. Having cash in hand means that you are not stuck with any one dealer. Get the exact bike that you want. Here is what people are buying.

KTM Bikes

Looking for a factory racing machine? If so, a KTM dirt bike might be the right choice for you. We can help you get cash financing so that you can secure any model that you like.

Kawasaki Bikes

Are you a brand loyalist? If Kawasaki is your brand, you are not alone. They have a reputation for quality an a full line of bikes to match any skill level.

Yamaha Bikes

Some people are Kawasaki people and others would never ride anything but a Yamaha dirt bike.

Honda Bikes

If reliability is your concern, you know that this company should be your primary target. Like all Honda products, Honda dirt bikes are known to last.

Electric Models

Want something a little different and ECO? Consider an electric dirt bike with less maintenance and less emissions.

Mopeds & Scooters

While not exactly a dirt bike, if you just need to get around, consider a scooter or an even simpler moped. They will do the trick with much less cost.



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