Game controllers for a PS5

Playstation 5 Financing

Looking for financing for a Playstation 5? We may be able to help you get a cash offer that you can use to buy your system and games.

First, how much do you want to spend on your total system?

Playstation 5 gaming system purchased with financing.

Advantages Of Online Financing

So, why shouldn’t you just run down to the nearest big box electronics store and get financing? It is because online financing has a number of advantages to retail financing. Take a look for yourself, before you decide to proceed.

Better Approval Chances

Retail financing can be tricky to qualify for. If you do not have good to excellent credit, chances are good that you will be declined. Online financing is different. Many of the lenders in our group can work with bad credit and some even specialize in working with credit problems.

If you have heard no from the box stores, online financing may give you the yes that you are looking fr.

Freedom To Buy Anywhere

Should you accept an online financing offer, your lender will deposit money directly into your personal checking account. That makes you a cash buyer with many benefits, namely the ability to shop any store that you like. This means that you can save money by price shopping and looking for deals.

Shop Used Markets

Want to save even more money, buy used. With cash in hand, you can buy from private sellers and potentially knock hundreds of dollars off the retail price. Just use caution when dealing with online sellers because many scams tend to revolve around the Playstation 5 and other gaming systems.

Buy Extras

With cash, you can buy anything that you like, not just what the electronics stores sell. Use your extra money to purchase games online, extra controllers or even a nice gaming chair to go along with your Playstation 5.

Getting Your Financing Offer

So, just how do you get an offer. It is a simple process.

Complete Your Form

Head on up to the top of this page and fill out your quote form. Begin with how much you expect to spend, keeping in mind that you can ask for additional money to cover the cost of accessories or anything else you want.

Next, enter some basic personal information and let us know where your lender should send the money. Then simply agree to the terms and submit your form.

Get A Financing Offer

If approved for Playstation 5 financing, one lender from the online group will make you an offer. You will then be directed to their company website where you can review the loan terms. Like the offer and you can usually complete all of the loan details online.

Get Your Money

After accepting an offer, your lender will get money into your account quickly. This may happen as soon as the next business day. Once electronically wired into your account, your money will be available for immediate use.

Buying Your Electronics

With money in hand, it will now be time to shop for your Playstation 5. Take a few minutes and do your research so that you get the best price and possibly the best bundle.

If you decide to go with a used gaming system in order to save money, be sure to thoroughly inspect it. Always power up the system before putting down any money and make sure that you do the transaction in person.

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