An Xbox purchased with bad credit financing.

Xbox Financing

If you need Xbox financing, we may be able to help. Let us help you get an offer for a cash loan that you can use to buy your Xbox series X game system from any retailer. Use your cash to buy your system, games and accessories.

First, how much do you expect to spend on your system?

Man playing an Xbox series X.

Can I Get An Xbox Payment Plan?

Well, yes and no. We can help you get a cash loan that you can use to purchase your Xbox series X. You will then make a payment or payments on your loan, so it works out the same in the end. The only real difference is that there are a number of benefits to getting a cash loan to pay for your Xbox. Take a look.

Buy Your System Anywhere

Perhaps the biggest benefit to taking a cash loan to pay for your system is that it gives you the ability to buy it anywhere. As you know, not every retailer charges the same price and not every retailer will have the same packages. If you want a special edition system, for example, you might have to shop around. Cash gives you the ability to do that.

Easier Approval With Bad Credit

Bad credit can be a problem when trying to finance from a retailer. Most retailers either have their private financing department or use one outside lender. In either case, they are looking for good to excellent credit. Don’t have it and you could get denied. With online financing, there are dozens of different lenders and many of them specialize in working with bad credit. That means you have a greater chance of getting an approved offer from one of them, even if you have already heard no.

Super Convenient

Everything online is easier. It takes just a few minutes to fill out the short quote form and get a loan offer. Compare that to applying for financing in a store and you will see the obvious advantages.

Getting Your Financing Offer

Obviously, there are a lot of reasons to consider a cash loan for your electronics financing, especially since the offer comes with no obligations. Even if you are unsure, it never hurts to look, so here is how you get that offer.

Give Us Your Information

First, we are going to need a little information about you. Head up to the form at the top of the page and enter how much you expect to spend on your system. Keep in mind that you will need accessories and games and can request more money to cover these costs. Once you have a number, enter some basic information about yourself and send your form to the lender group for approval.

Receive An Offer From A Lender

If approved for a cash loan that you can use for Xbox financing, one lender will make you a loan offer. To see the terms and loan details, you will be sent to their website. We understand that you are eager to buy your system, but you need to take the time to review all of the details. Make sure that the payment or payments fit your budget and that the total cost of financing is not too high.

Make A Smart Decision

With all of the details clear, you can now make a loan decision. If you like the offer, accept it and have money in your bank account as soon as the next business day. Should you not like the loan, just turn it down and walk away. There is no obligation in just getting a loan quote.

How Much Should You Borrow?

This being a cash loan, one question that you have to ask yourself is how much you should borrow. Here is a little guidance on how much to ask for Xbox financing.

System Cost

For the Series X, you are looking at roughly 500 dollars plus tax to purchase the base system. With the added expense of tax and/or shipping, you can round up to 600 dollars.

Game Cost

If you want to take advantage of the full capability of your system, you will need several games. For most, this means an additional 200 to 300 dollars.

Accessory Cost

Extra controllers, headphones and maybe even a new 4K television. This stuff can really add up, so if you want to add extra accessories, you may want to request several hundred to a thousand dollars more.

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