Brand new living room set.

Furniture Financing

Need furniture financing? Take 2 minutes and get an offer for the money that you need. Avoid the “buy here pay here” furniture store and shop for your furniture as a cash buyer.

First, how much do you want to spend on your furniture?

A furniture set purchased with bad credit financing.

Finance Furniture With Bad Credit

Financing furniture with bad credit usually means one thing, using the “buy here pay here” store. There are a number of problems with this approach however. Take a look.

Poor Quality Furniture

These stores generally only purchase the cheapest of the cheap when it comes to furniture. You will never find anything that is actually built to last at these stores. Even worse, the furniture that they stock is generally a decade behind the trends. If you want cheap and outdated furniture, this is a good place to look.

Overpriced Furniture

You are a captive buyer and they know it. This allows them to charge more for the furniture than their competitors. A sofa that lists for $1000 down the street will sell for $1500 at the “buy here pay here” store. They set their furniture prices high so that they can make money the mot money on both the sales price and the financing.

Lack of Variety

If you are looking to buy something in particular, you will be in for a hard time. These stores carry a little bit of everything which means that they will only stock so many couches, bedroom suites or dining sets. What they typically carry is something generic that is designed to appeal to the most people.

A Better Way To Finance Furniture

If you need bad credit furniture financing, there is a better way and we may be able to help.

We can help you get a cash loan offer for the money that you need to buy your furniture. You can then shop for your furnishings from any retailer that you like, just like any cash buyer. Are we a lender? No, what we do is put you into contact with a large group of internet lenders. More lenders means more chances of getting approved for the money that you need to buy your gear.

Here is how it works.

First, decide how much you want to spend on your furniture. If approved, your lender will deposit funds directly into your account, so try to pick a reasonable amount. Once you have your number, enter in some basic information about yourself and submit your quote form.

If approved for furniture financing, one lender from the group will make you a cash offer and you will be redirected to their website to review the terms. If you decide you like it, you can accept the loan and be furniture shopping as soon as tomorrow.

It could not be easier, so why not get started now.

Online Furniture Financing

By now you are likely convinced that online financing is a good alternative, but let’s look at some of the major reasons to finance your gear online.

Easier Approval

Online lenders are more likely to work with bad credit. Some of the lenders in our group even specialize in bad credit. This makes it easier to get an offer for furniture financing, even if you have been told no in the past.

Better Selection of Furniture

With an online loan for furniture financing, you can avoid the “buy here pay here” store and shop just like a cash buyer. That means that you can shop for whatever furniture that you like. Get the exact gear that you want and secure the best prices. Here are some things that you can buy with your loan money.

Better Quality Furniture

Being a cash buyer, you have the ability to shop for quality furniture. Instead of buying cheap discount furniture, you can buy furniture that will actually last. Stop buying furniture that breaks every few years and save money in the long run.

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