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Flooring Financing

If you need new flooring, we may be able to help you get the financing that you need to make it happen. Take a minute to get a cash loan offer for the money you need and then shop any retailer that you like.

First, how much do you expect to spend.

Laminate flooring purchased with bad credit financing.

Financing Your New Flooring Dream

New floors can make a home, but they are an expensive home improvement project to take on. This is why so many people turn to financing when it comes time to pay. We may be able to help you secure financing for your flooring, even if you have bad credit. Best of all, it will be cash financing, so you can shop any retailer that you like. Here is a bit about how it works.

Fill In A Quote Form

First things first, you need to fill in your quote form. The secure form is located at the top of this page and takes just a few minutes to complete. Enter in how much you expect to spend and then basic information about yourself and your income. You will also enter your checking account details, because this is where your lender will send you money.

Get A Decision

Once you are done, submit your form and wait briefly for your answer. If approved for flooring financing, one lender from the group will make you an offer. You will be redirected to their website to view the offer, and you should pay attention to all of the loan details. If anything is unclear, ask your lender to clear matters up.

Make Your Choice

Last of all, you need to make a decision as to whether or not to accept the loan. There is no obligation in simply getting a quote, but if you like the offer, you can generally complete all of the details online. Then, your lender will go about getting you money just as soon as they can.

Why Online Financing?

So, why not go directly to the flooring store to secure your financing? There are a number of reasons that going the online right is the best choice.

For starters, getting approved online is often much easier. This is particularly true if you have bad credit, since many of the lenders in our group specialize in bad credit loans.

Another advantage is that you would become a cash buyer, and cash is king. Cash allows you to shop any retailer. This means that you will be able to get the perfect flooring for you and that you can negotiate the best price.

Finally, it is more convenient. It takes just minutes to secure online financing.

Picking Out Your New Flooring

If you decided to accept a loan to pay for your flooring, now you get to pick your new floors out. This is a big decision, so move cautiously.

Flooring materials are a great way to bring a touch of style and personality into any room.

Types Of Flooring

There are five main types of flooring materials: carpet, tile, wood, laminate, and vinyl. Each type has its own pros and cons.

Carpet is the most popular type of flooring material in the United States. It is soft to walk on and has a nice texture that can add character to your room. It is also one of the least expensive options and is good at covering up irregularities on a floor.

Tile is another popular choice for flooring because it’s easy to clean, looks modern, and can be used in many different ways with different colors. Installation cost is higher with tile however, so consider labor in your pricing.

Wood floors are beautiful but they require more upkeep than other types of floors because they need regular sanding or refinishing. They can also be difficult to maintain when you have children and pets.

Laminate floors are durable but not as visually appealing as other types of floors like tiles or wood. Their low cost point gives them an edge over wood however and laminate quality has come a long way.

Vinyl is one last option and it can be either a high end or low end flooring. Sheep vinyl is the cheapest example, but you also have higher end vinyl tiles that can come with 50 year warranties.

Find a Good Quality Floor That Fits Your Budget

The best route to go is to take your budget and see what you can get for the price. If your budget is 5000 dollars and you need an entire house full of flooring, you should look for inexpensive choices like carpet and laminate.

If your budget is higher or if you have less square footage to take care of, you can consider more expensive options like tile and real hardwood flooring.

Above all else, consider your budget first. The last thing you would want to do is fall in love with a type of flooring that you can not afford.

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