Solar panels on a roof.

Solar Panel Financing

Solar panels are a great way to cut your dependence on the energy grid, but they come at a cost. We may be able to help you get an offer for financing on your solar power system, even if you have bad credit.

First, how much do you expect to spend?

A solar panel purchased with financing.

Why Online Financing For Solar Panels

So, why should you apply for solar panel financing online? There are a number of reasons to get a home improvement loan online, such as:


Let’s face it, everything online is easier and that includes financing. It takes just a few minutes to get an offer and then you can typically complete the entire process n your computer. This is much easier than dealing with a local credit union or solar power company.

Simpler Approval

Many of the lenders in our network are used to dealing with bad credit. This means that, even if you have heard no before, you may be able to get an approval online.

More Buying Options

When you get financing from an installer, you are somewhat limited in your ability to negotiate prices. With a cash loan in hand, you can shop any company that you like, ideally getting a good deal in the process.

Getting Your Finance Offer

Online financing has a lot of obvious benefits, but now why not take a look at how to get your offer.

The fist step is to fill out the quote form, conveniently located at the top of the page. Enter in how much you expect to spend on your system and then some basic information about yourself and your income.

Next, agree to the terms of service and submit your form to get an answer. If approved for solar panel financing, one lender from the group will make you an offer. You will then be redirected to their company website to view the offer.

When you get your offer, be sure to review all of the details of the loan and make sure that you understand them. If you have questions, direct them to your lender. We will have no details of the offer you received.

To finish up, all that is left is to make your decision. If you like your offer, accept it and you will have money in your bank account as soon as the next business day. You can then shop for your solar panel system from any dealer as a cash buyer.

Benefits Of Solar Panels

Installing solar panels on your home is a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. You can also get a solar panel installation done in just one day, making it a relatively hassle free process. Here are just a few reasons to get solar panel financing and make the switch to solar power.

1) Save Money

Solar is the most affordable electricity generation technology in the world. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to save money on electricity bills.

2) Make Money

Any power that you produce in excess of your needs will be sold back to the power company.

3) Environmentally Friendly

Solar panels produce no harmful emissions or air pollutants unlike fossil fuel plants which release harmful gases into our atmosphere.

4) Renewable Energy Source

Solar panels are renewable energy sources, which means they will never run out. Your panels will keep working day in and day out.

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