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Compound Bow Financing

Searching for the perfect compound bow? It’s going to be expensive, but we can help with that. Whether you have good or bad credit, we may be able to get you an offer. Complete the short and secure form below and find out.

How much do you expect to spend?

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Financing For Your Compound Bow

A good compound bow can cost close to 1000 dollars. That can be a lot of money for hunting gear,  which is why so many people turn to financing to break it into monthly payments. Don’t settle for junk, go ahead and get the financing that you need to buy a quality bow.

When it comes to financing for a compound bow, you typically have two options. You can go with in store credit or you can get an online offer from a website like ours. Here is why we feel that we may be the better option.

Easier Approval

We ourselves are not lenders and this is a good thing for you. Instead, we get you access to a larger network of online lenders. With more lenders, your chance of getting an approval increase. If you have bad credit, this is particularly important because there are many lenders in the network that are used to dealing with all credit types.

In store credit can be tricky to get approved for. There is just one lender with one set of often stringent requirements. Don’t meet them and you simply get denied.

Be A Cash Buyer

If you receive an offer and decide to accept it, you will become a cash buyer. Your lender will deposit money directly into your account and you can spend it as you like.

The advantage to this is that you can shop wherever you like. Get the exact compound bow that you want and shop for the best deal. With in store financing, you are limited to their stock on hand.

It’s Convenient

You are here right now, so why not get your financing in order. It takes just a couple of minutes to get an offer and there is no commitment.

With in store financing, the application process is typically longer. The forms will be longer and they may not even offer same day approval. Some even require you to go in and complete a paper application.

It’s Discreet

With online financing, nobody has to know that you are financing your bow. You can do it all online and if you are approved, you can have money deposited directly into your account. That makes you a cash buyer just like anyone else.

Buy Whatever You Want

Need more than just a compound bow, no problem. With online financing, you are getting a cash loan. This means that you can ask for more money. Get enough to pay for additional hunting gear or whatever you like. Het a rifle, finance a canoe, anything that you like.

Getting Your Financing Offer

Getting an offer for your compound bow is easy and it takes just a few minutes. Here is how the process works.

First, you will navigate back to the top of the page and fill out the short and secure form. It will ask you how much you would like to borrow, it will ask for your contact information and it will ask how you make your money. Additionally, you will need to enter your bank information because this is how your lender will send you money.

Once you complete the form, agree to the terms and submit it. They, you will need to wait briefly for an approval. It usually does not take long.

If approved, a single lender will make you an offer and you will be sent to their website to review the terms. Make sure that you take the time to thoroughly review all of the details for your compound bow financing. If anything is unclear, ask your lender to clear it up for you.

Should you decide to accept a loan offer, your lender will send you money just as soon as possible. This could be as early as the next business day. Once you have your money, you can start shopping just like any cash buyer.

Choosing Your Compound Bow

Once you have your money, your next step will be picking the right compound bow. You probably have this all sorted out but here are some things to think about before going shopping.

What is your dominant eye?

Just because you are left handed does not mean that you will shoot left handed. If you are right eye dominant, you need to shoot right handed and vice versa.

What is your draw length?

This is important in determining the proper size of the bow you select. Don’t fret too much about this, choose a good archery store to buy your bow from and they will measure you properly.

What is your draw weight?

This is how much weight or force you use to pull back on the bow. Look for an adjustable draw weight so that the bow can change with you.

Try to think about the questions above before you go but do not overthink things. If you go to a good archery store, the experts there should be able to help you. This is why it is such an advantage to get online financing. You can choose a store with knowledgeable staff rather than just a store that can get you approved.

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