Man on a road bike.

Road Bike Financing

Looking for money to finance a road bike? We may be able to help y get a cash offer for the money that you need. It takes just a few minutes to get a no obligation offer.

First, how much do you plan on spending.

Road bike purchased with financing.

Financing Your Purchase Online

It might be a bit different financing your sporting goods online, but there are a number of advantages in doing so. Here are some reasons to choose online financing over store credit.

Quicker Approval

Store financing, especially at bike shops, can be difficult to get. If you have less than perfect or even bad credit, you may be facing an uphill battle. Online lenders are more wiling to work with less than perfect credit. In fact, many of the lenders that we work with even specialize in bad credit.

Buying Flexibility

When you take out an online loan, your lender will pay you with cash. That allows you to buy your road bike from any store that you like. Get the perfect bike for you and have the flexibility needed to negotiate on price.


Online lending is easy. You can fill out an application in minutes and get your answer even faster. It is much more convenient than in store financing.

Get Your Loan Offer & Your Money

So, just how do you go about getting your loan offer and your money. The process is easy and fast. Here is how it works.

Enter Your Information

First, you will need to enter some very basic information in the quote form located at the top of the page. Enter how much you expect to need, information about yourself and where you want your loan money sent. When all is done, agree to the terms of service and submit your quote form.

Get An Approved Offer

If you are approved for road bike financing, one lender will make you a cash loan offer. To see the offer, you will need to then be redirected to the website of the lender. There you can review the details of the loan. Be sure to ask your lender for clarification if you have questions.

Make An Educated Choice

With all of the loan information in front of you, it is time to make an educated decision. If the loan is a good deal for you, accept it and you can have money in your bank account as soon as the next day. Should you not like the offer, you can just walk away.

Get Your Loan Money

For those of you who decide to accept an offer, you can have money in your account as soon as the next business day. You can then shop for your road bike at any dealer you like. Since you will have cash, the used market will also be a possibility.

Choosing Your Road Bike

A road bike is a bicycle designed for use on paved roads. It features a frame with two parallel, straight handlebars for steering, and two similar-sized wheels that are both steered by the pedals.

How To Choose The Best Road Bike

There are many different types of road bikes. They range from the best road bike for beginners to the best road bike for professional athletes. There is a difference, so you should choose a bike based on your skill level.

The first step in choosing a good bike is to make sure that a road bike is for you. If you want a bike that can take you on short rides around town, then a hybrid or mountain bike might be your best option. If you plan on doing more long distance riding, then a road bike will be appropriate.

If this will be your first road bike, take your time researching your options. If possible, try to visit several stores and consult with expert riders. It is better to learn from someones experience than to make a costly error by purchasing the wrong bike.

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