Air compressor on a driveway.

Air Compressor Financing

Need financing for a new air compressor? We can help with that, even if you have bad credit. Take a minute to get a quote for the money that you need and you could soon be shopping for your new air compressor as a cash buyer.

How much do you expect to spend on your air compressor?

An air compressor purchased with bad credit financing.

Get Your Loan Offer

If you need money for a compressor, we can help you get a loan quote easily and quickly online. Get started with your offer by filling out the form above or take a few minutes to see how it all works.

Getting Your Quote

To get your quote, simply fill out the form at the top of the page. Enter in how much you want to spend on your air compressor, information on your income and contact information. Wrap it up by filling in where you want your loan funds sent. If you accept a loan, your lender will send money directly to you, allowing you to shop any store you like.

Once your form is complete, submit it and wait for your answer. If approved, one of the lenders in the lending group will make you an offer for a tool loan. We ourselves are not lenders but instead get you access to this much larger group. This is important, especially with bad credit because more lenders means more chances of getting an approved offer.

Make A Smart Choice

Once you have your offer, the last thing that you would want to do is blindly accept it. Not every loan is a good one and, unless you are a professional mechanic, an air compressor is likely a luxury purchase. So, take the time to thoroughly review all of the details of your loan.

Among other things, you should consider whether you can afford to make the payment and consider whether there is a cheaper way to get financing for your air compressor, even with bad credit.

If, after thinking things over, you decide to accept the loan, your lender will get your money to you ASAP. This can happen as soon as the next business day.

Buying Your New Air Compressor

If you decided to accept a loan to get your new air compressor, now comes the fun part. It is finally time to shop for and buy your new tool. Don’t let the excitement get the better of you though. As a cash buyer, you have a lot of perks and you should take advantage of them. Here is what you need to do.

Shop Around

Seeing as you have cash in your bank account, you do not have to shop at one store. You can shop anywhere you want, even online. That will allow you to get the exact model of air compressor that you like and will also allow you to find the best deal. Get a good enough deal and you might even have enough money left over for a new power tool.

Do Your Research

In addition to shopping around, you should also do your research. Figure out what your needs are in the shop and get the exact compressor that meets your need. You want to get one that is powerful enough to run the tool you want to run but not so powerful that you are just wasting money.

Shop The Sales

Tools, especially air compressors go on sale all the time. If it is close to a major holiday such as Memorial day, it might be a good idea to wait until the sales come out. It could potentially save you hundreds of dollars, depending on the level of compressor you are looking for.

Consider Used

If you know how to spot a good deal and a well working compressor, used might be the way to go. Just be careful to make sure that you find a compressor that is not on its last leg. If you find a great deal though, you might be able to find a compressor for half or even less the cost of a new one.

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