Welding machine from a loan.

Welder Financing

If you need a welder but need financing to get it, we may be able to help. It takes just a few minutes to find out, so why not take a little time and get an offer for the welding machine that you need.

How much do you want to spend on your welder?

A man using a welder after financing.

Financing Your Welding Machine

There is one thing that is certain about welders and that is the fact that they are expensive. Even a decent hobby welder is going to cost over 500 dollars. If you want a top of the line welder from Miller, you are looking at thousands. For many people this is more money than they can come out of pocket for and this is where tool loans come in.

We are not lenders and we do not make credit decisions. This is probably not what you expected to hear but this is actually a great thing. Instead of being a single lender with one set of credit qualifications, we get you access to a large group of lenders. If you have bad credit, this increases your odds of getting an approved offer from one of them.

If you want to get an offer for welder financing, here is what you need to do.

  • Fill Out A Quote Form
    First, you have got to enter in your information in the quote form. It is pretty short, so it should not take you long. Begin by estimating how much you need and then add some basic information about yourself.
  • Submit The Form
    When you are done, agree to the Terms Of Service and submit your form. Then you just need to wait for an answer.
  • Review Your Offer
    If approved for welding machine financing, One lender will make you an offer. You will be sent to their website where you can learn abut the offer.
  • Make Your Decision
    This is the most important part, making your decision. You want that welder, but you need to make sure that the loan is agreeable. Before you commit, make sure that you can afford the payment, that the cost of the loan is not too high and that you do not have any better options.

That is it. Could it really get any easier to get a loan offer?

Why Online Financing?

Right about now, you might be asking yourself why you should get online financing for your welder. After all, wouldn’t store credit be a better option? Not necessarily, and here is why.

Online Financing Is Easier To Get

Store credit generally involves one lender and they often have pretty tight qualifications. If you do not neet these rigid qualifications, you will get denied and that is that.

With online financing, you have more lenders and that means more chances of getting a yes from one of these lenders. Many of them are also used to working with credit issues. If you do not have perfect credit, it is probably going to be easier to get an approval online.

Online Financing Can Be Used Anywhere

With store credit, you would have to buy your welding machine at one store. You are therefore limited by the models that they have available and they can charge whatever they like.

Online lending gets you access to lenders who pay you your money in cash. They deposit it right into your account which allows you to shop as a cash buyer and that gives you many options. Shop for the exact model of welder that you want and look for the best price. If you want a Lincoln, get a Lincoln. If you want a Miller, get the exact Miller welder that you like. Cash gives you that power.

Online Financing Is More Convenient

With store credit, you often still have to fill out a paper application. This means going into a store. This is a waste of time and could be potentially embarrassing. If you are not sure whether you can get approved, wouldn’t you rather take that chance online.

When you apply online, it is far more convenient. It takes just a matter of minutes to fill out your quote form and then you can handle all of the loan details online. Odds of getting an approval are better as well online, but if you were to get denied, who is to know.

Buying That Welder

Once you have the money for your welder, it is time to go buy it. With money in your bank account, it could not be easier. You can shop wherever you want and get the exact model that you are looking for.If you want a MIG welder, get a MIG. If you want an ARC welder, get one. The choice is all yours.

You also have the ability to compare dealers and even haggle a bit on price. Most welders like Lincoln welders are sold at dozens of retailers, so you have lots of options with cash.

Another benefit to getting a cash loan for your welding machine is that you can use the excess however you like. You can use it to pay back a portion of your loan or buy something else with it. Buy a generator to go with your welder or perhaps some new fishing gear. The choice is yours, because online, your lender is making you a cash loan. They do not care what you use the money for.

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